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aka fuck you myspace…
OK, so it seems I haven’t updated this blog in forever. You’d almost think that nothing has been happening… you might be right :p
As far as the recording goes, it’s still moving along at roughly the same pace (almost as fast as evolution…), although with gigs fairly thin on the ground at the moment, and the imminent arrival of yet another SG baby (i.e. another break coming up :)), we should have more time to get out to my house and lay some tracks down. I’ve already got some of the guide tracks ready for the last two songs that we’ll be doing, but more on that later…
The main reason I felt I should post this, though, is because I’ve made quite a few changes to the site itself. I’m sure anyone that uses myspace as a band page will have noticed in recent times that it seems to have gone down the toilet altogether, and many people have decided to jump ship. For ourselves, we’re gonna leave the myspace page as it is, but I doubt I’ll be updating it much anymore since it’s such a fucking chore. Besides, we’re also on facebook, reverbnation, youtube, breaking tunes, and, just recently, twitter (links to which can all be found on the left there…).
In spite of all those places we can be found, I wanted a full site that I could customise myself (even though I’m a bit shit at it…) with a bit more freedom than other places.
To that end, I’ve started adding more pages to this site. Since wordpress is a blog site though, the main page is still gonna be this recording diary, with the other sections available from links along the top (and bottom) of the page. Of course, once the recording is finished, maybe I’ll just use the blog page as a news feed or something…
So far, the only page I’ve added is the Gig Listings (the Bio page has been there all along), but I’m gonna try get a Photos page too, and a Discography (when we actually have a discography worth mentioning :p) and whatever else I can think of…
I also rejigged the bar on the left there – you might notice the addition of a twitter feed (the main reason I signed up for twitter, actually) that shows the last five twitter updates.
I also changed the track listing in the player on the sidebar – track 1 is now the newest version of TV Zombie, i.e. the final mix that ended up on the Cork Rock City compilation (if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you should – download it for free now!).
I think that’s about it for now… I mean, if anyone cares, I picked up a set of monitors for the studio (behringer Truths to be precise) so hopefully that’ll improve my mixing chops. I also just ordered some components that should arrive tomorrow to tinker with my amp a little (I play a Valveking head: I intend to try out the Mesa mod and add a bias pot). There, that should keep studio & guitar nerds happy 😀
Catch ya later