Stanton’s Grave Bio

Fat Tony was lost. Had been for 7 years. He needed a band again – that rush of adrenaline that accompanied a united collective caterwauling was what his soul craved. He’d even started writing some songs. Luckily, when he moved back to his home town of Cork, he discovered his old buddy Eoin (El Bastardo; [r]Evolution of a sun) was only too happy to do some more drumming. Once they started working on some new songs, they realised they had something, something good. Soon after, they got Daniel in on bass and got ready to play some shows.
As the songs became more intricate, it became apparent that someone that could actually play the guitar was required, and so, following a drunken conversation at a wedding, Dave Senior (ex-Rulers of The Planet; Jonny Rep) joined the fold as lead guitarist, and the process of writing new songs began again.


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