Homemade Demos (2008-2009)

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Track Listing:

1: Shut Up And eat Your Freedom
2: Sieg Heil, Barbie
3: TV Zombie
4: Screaming Fucking Bloody Mad!
5: A New Hope
6: Killbot Factory
7: Tearing Stickers
8: Floyd The Barber (Nirvana cover)


I figure since I wasn’t blogging when I recorded these songs that I’d give a bit of background info for anyone that wants to read it 🙂
This wasn’t really a proper release, but more of a collection of my first forays into the world of home recording. I started in April/May 2008 when I got my first recording interface (a 2-channel m-audio mobilePre). We hadn’t even started gigging at that point, but we felt it was imminent, and we wanted to have some songs on our myspace page (the practice room recordings we had sounded like shit) so gig promoters would have some sort of reference for our sound.
To that end, I took it upon myself to figure out how to make recordings at home. Obviously with only 2 channels, full drum recordings weren’t an option, so I got a copy of Toontrack’s EZDrummer (having tried out the free Hydrogen program and not liking it at all) and learned how to program drums. That’s right folks: almost all the drums you hear on these early recordings are fake, as if it wasn’t obvious :p
The first song I tackled was Killbot Factory, since that was the first song that we’d written. It took ages to get the drum track ready, and when I recorded guitars over it – my first actual live recording – they were clipping all over the place, except I didn’t realise that til later. Then I tried vocals, which sounded very strained. That’s when we made the decision to tune down a half step to E flat. All of a sudden I could sing for longer without hurting myself. Huzzah! Of course once we’d made that decision, I had to go back and re-record the guitars and bass (which I didn’t get round to until months later – it might have even been sometime in 2009).
After going through the steep learning curve I then recorded Shut up… and Sieg Heil… fairly quickly, then a few months later, A New Hope followed, along with Screaming… (I think I did the guitars for both those songs on the same night, in fact).
Then, sometime in 2009, after we’d written some new songs, I recorded them 🙂 (i.e. TV Zombie and Tearing Stickers).
I was pretty happy with the way TV Zombie turned out, but I’ve never really been happy with this recording of Tearing Stickers, there’s just something wrong with it… Also, it’s totally different from the way we play it live now.
That about does it for all of our own songs that are included in this “release”, but I have also included our version of Nirvana’s Floyd the Barber. This was our first time working together as a full band on a recording. We had decided to record it for Cork’s 96FM show The Green Room – Michael Carr (the host) was doing a show to celebrate 20 years since the release of Bleach, and was asking for submissions from all over the country. We figured we could give this song our own twist, so we figured we’d punk it up a little. But that wasn’t really enough on it’s own, so while we were working on it in the practice room one night, having just attended the local Doom 101 festival a few days previously, inspiration struck: play the solo part really, really fuckin’ slow as an intro. Bingo! We had a song 🙂
So we all went back to my garage and ran my new 8-channel interface (Alesis io26) through it’s paces. This was my first time recording live drums, but I still think we did fairly well. It was also the first time I got Dan and Dave on a recording too, finally – a good guitarist and bassist on our tracks :p
Anyway, that’s enough waffling from me :p Didn’t mean for this page to be a history lesson…
Oh, and yeah – that’s a picture of my garage 😀 Click on it for a free download of the whole thing.


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