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December 22nd: Mr. Bradley’s, Barrack St., Cork.


March 16th: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Hope is Noise album launch mini-festival with Hope is Noise, Dott & Agitate The Gravel (now Terror Pop).

February 16th: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with I’ll Eat Your Face, Them Martyrs & Slugbait.


December 23rd: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with Ugly Beautiful & Mox Mox.

September 30th: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with Vasquez & Fuck Mountain

Yet another gig I forgot to update til it was too late. D’oh!
Vasquez came over from Scotland for a wee tour, and brought their insane instrumetal to Cork for a night. Great band – there are very few instrumental bands that can hold my attention for a full set, but these guys managed it with sudden tempo and timing changes just when you though you might get bored with any particular riff. Very energetic stuff, and well executed.
Also along for the ride were Fuck Mountain from Carlow/Dublin who play very catchy 90s kinda power-pop/punky songs that are just great. And it was only their 3rd or 4th gig! Ones to watch methinks…
As for ourselves, it turns out we can still play gigs even when our drummer is living up in Dublin, thank fuck! Aside from a couple of technical difficulties things went pretty well – not our best set, but by no means our worst (that award still goes to our first gig in Dublin, what a disaster…)

July 30th: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with Slugbait & Agitate the Gravel
I totally forgot to update the page with this one, mostly cos I was busy preparing for a holiday at the time (horray for me! :P).
Seemed like Fredz figured there wasn’t much going on around the city for the bank holiday weekend, so they decided to get a few bands together for a free show, and why not?!
We even got paid in beer and partied with the Slugbait lads til the wee hours afterwards. Good times! 😎
Incidentally, I’m sad to announce that Dan, our bassist, has just had to move to Dublin for a new job, so it’s unlikely we’ll be playing any more gigs in the near future, until we can sort out a new jamming schedule…

July 2nd: The Quad Closing Party, The Quad, Tuckey St., Cork

As some of you may have heard, The Quad will be closing it’s doors after 12 years for the last time on Sat July 2/Sun July 3rd.
Some of the guys involved both in the pub and in the local music scene have decided to give the place a bit of a send off, and we’re totally stoked to be included on the bill!
Also playing on the night will be:
Ten Past Seven
Hope Is Noise
and Plinth
with more to be added over the coming days.
After the bands, there will be DJ sets from DJ Fuzz & others tbc
Facebook event page
UPDATE: This was amazing! Had a great night, saw a queue outside the Quad for the first time ever, and played to our biggest crowd ever (it’ll probably be a while before we see that many people standing in front of us again :P). What a great send off. For more info see the article.

June 25th: KateoFest, Drimoleague, Co. Cork
We just recently got added to the bill for this small festival in west Cork – it’s our first festival appearance, which will hopefully be pretty cool 🙂
We’re playing with a shiload of awesome bands such as Hope is Noise, Slugbait, I’ll Eat Your Face, My Evil Ex and many more!
Hopefully I’ll have a poster to upload soon…
UPDATE: OK, no poster, but still…
Had good craic playing this, although I was kinda all over the place – it seems I’m just as bad at making mistakes when I play sober as when I’m roaring drunk. There’s a happy medium in there somewhere, I’m sure…
The setup was pretty good, although the use of a massive PA system kind of ate into stage space, not that I’m making excuses or anything… 😛 At least all the other bands could (and did) blame excessive amounts of alcohol in their systems 😀 It didn’t stop any of them from putting on a rocking show though, especially Hope is Noise, but then they never fail to disappoint. They ended the night in tremendous fashion, getting first the lads from Slugbait, then our own Eoin up to sing the last few numbers.
Once it was over, feeling slightly drained, I left to drive home in some pretty damn thick fog.

February 25th: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with Slugbait (Cork) & Iweriu (Cork)

We decided to put this gig on partly just to keep ourselves in the game so to speak, but also to introduce our friends in Iweriu – this is their first gig, but from what I hear they’re well practiced and rearing to go 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing what they’ve come up with…
UPDATE: screaming topless loonies Slugbait have been added to the bill – this is gonna be one hell of a night!
ANOTHER UPDATE/REVIEW: As expected, this was a fuckin’ stormer of a gig! A shitload of people turned up to see Iweriu – the place was packed halfway down the stairs! And thankfully most of them stayed for the rest of the night, which was awesome – I don’t think I’ve seen Fredz that packed for a gig since the last Doom101! And all the bands definitely lived up to the the crowds expectations – amazing night! More please…

January 28th: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with Intensive Care (London) & (br)Ass Cracks (Cork)

First gig of the year, and it was a pretty damn good one!
(br)Ass Cracks were excellent – it was Bob and Wah from Cruibin with a drummer that I didn’t recognise (I think they called him Kylie? :p) playing Oi! covers. They only jammed twice before the gig, but pulled off a great set – heroes of the night they were.
We played a pretty good set too, even though I was a little drunker than I’d have liked. ah well… Our cover of Orgasmatron went down fairly well though, it was the first time we played it live.
Intensive Care finished off the night in uproarious fashion – got the whole place jumping, good stuff 🙂


November 12th: The LV, MacCurtain St., Cork. Playing with Labcane (Amsterdam) & Slugbait (Cork)
This Gig was good fun – we got to play with our old buddies for the first time in years (Eoin and myself used to be in a band with Bjorn from Labcane – our first band as a matter of fact), and the atmosphere in the LV was pretty awesome, possibly because it was so crowded. Not so much because of the amount of people – more because of the size of the room, but it still made for a damn good gig.

Also, this was my first time seeing Slugbait, about whom I’d been hearing lots of good things and boy did they deliver! A very intense performance – I look forward to seeing more of them.

August 27th: The Quad, Tuckey St., Cork. Playing with Hope is Noise (Cork)

August 13th: The LV, MacCurtain St., Cork. Playing with The Dubtones (Dublin) & Cruibin (Cork)

July 23rd: Thomas House, Thomas St., Dublin. Playing with 20 Bulls Each (Dublin) & Stick Around (Galway)

May 14th: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with The Kringe (Waterford) & Good Dead Me (Cork)

February 27th: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing at Fredz Rocks For Haiti with [r]evolution Of A Sun, Beastmen, Time is a Thief, Palko, Ephialtes & Grandmaster Ca$h (all from Cork)

February 19th: Thomas House, Thomas St., Dublin. Playing with Daria (Angers), Hands Up Who Wants To Die (Dublin) & Loose Nut (Dublin)

February 17th: Sally Long’s, Abbeygate St., Galway. Playing with Daria (Angers) & Blackeye Express (Galway)


October 3rd: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with Bacchus (Galway) & Ghost Of Medina (Cork).

Note – this was meant to be healined by The Now Denial from Germany, but they had to cancel their Irish tour on short notice.

September 5th: The Quad, Tuckey St., Cork. Playing with Ghost Of Medina (Cork).

This gig was put on for my wife’s 30th birthday – much craziness ensued 🙂 It was also our first gig with new guitarist Dave Senior. It was a bit strange, cos Dan couldn’t make it (he was at Electric Picnic), but we managed to pull it off with no bass 🙂

June 6th: An Pucan, Forster St., Galway. Playing with Sikhara (North Carolina), Estel (Dublin), Fuktifino (Galway), Cub Scout Disco (Galway) & Blackeye Express (Galway)

May 29th: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with 20 Bulls Each (Dublin) & Detonate (Cork)

April 18th: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with Tunguska (Dublin) & Ghost Of Medina.

Sheep Dip were also meant to play this gig, but cancelled a few days beforehand. Never found out why, although I do know they broke up not long after…


November 23rd: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with Braindead (Germany) and Ghundi (Galway)

November 12th: Crane Lane, Phoenix St., Cork. Playing with El Bastardo, Hope is Noise & I’ll Eat Your Face.

This gig was actually the wedding party for our friends Mark & Sarah. A good time was had by all 🙂 It was also the first gig that I played completely sober…

June 28th: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with Karaktermoord (Netherlands) & I’ll Eat Your Face (Cork)

May 3rd: Fred Zeppelins, Parliament St., Cork. Playing with Insuiciety (Germany) & Mongolia (Dublin)

This was our first gig ever. We’d been jamming the same 4 or 5 songs for almost 2 years at this point without ever actually writing any lyrics, so Eoin figured that the best way to push us into being ready to play shows was to put us on the bill of a gig he was arranging. And what better gig to play for the first time than a festival 🙂

We figured that 4 of our songs were good enough to be played to a live audience, so it was up to me then to go and write the lyrics for these 4 songs. I had already written most of Screaming Fucking Bloody Mad! the previous weekend, but I was pretty much lost on the other 3 apart from having titles and an idea on what each song would be about. So the night before the gig I was up til 3am writing lyrics. Naturally once we hit the stage (well, Eoin was on the stage, myself and Dan had to find space on the floor) I forgot pretty much every single word 😀

You can still see the video of the whole gig on youtube.


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