Homemade Demos (2008-2009)

1: Shut Up And Eat Your Freedom

Verse 1:
Welcome to the greatest nation on the earth, we hope that you enjoy your stay.
While here, you might like to sample some of the traditional delights we offer
Such as democracy, or manifest destiny.
We hope that you’ll take some with you when you go back home.
Shut your mouth and eat your freedom.
The alternative’s a bullet in the brain.
We’ll stick around forever while we force-feed your leaders
Have another mouthful of American Freedom.
Verse 2:
Outside in the wider world we like to spread democracy as god intended.
We won’t take no for an answer.
We’ve got the biggest guns, and we think war’s real fun.
Just know that your liberty’s not going to come cheap.

2: Sieg Heil, Barbie

Verse 1:
Have you ever wondered what it is about blondes
That makes you think they’re so special, that makes you wanna be one?
They seem to get what they want, they never have to try.
People bend over backwards, no real reason why
Who put these thoughts inside our brains?
I think I know but it sounds insane…
The neo-nazis are behind the scenes
Somehow managing to pull our strings.
Verse 2:
Ever since the rise of the blonde bombshell
There’s a hidden agenda they’re trying to sell.
They claim the Jews run the media but that doesn’t explain
How they’ve instilled their ideals in our society.
Outro Verse:
So don’t believe what they tell you,
Or try to make you think.
Take another look with fresh eyes,
Make your mind up for yourself.

3: TV Zombie

Verse 1:
I find it hard these days to do anything.
We’re all falling apart, but I’m just sitting here.
I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way:
Everyone moans about the way things are run, but nothing gets done.
Chorus 1:
How did it ever come to this with no one giving a shit?
The only world we ever need is on the TV
Verse 2:
I’ve got a constant craving for coca-cola.
And when I’m hungry I must have a big-mac with cheese.
And my TV tells me that I can’t live without
The latest piece of shit from microsoft corp. and sony records.
Chorus 2:
They put something in our food to control our moods.
And when the TV says “you’ve got to live life this way”, we’re easy to sway.
Bridge 1:
Now I’m a robot, I’ve no free will left,
Except for a nagging voice in the back of my head.
My subconcious is expressing some doubt,
But my TV drowns it out.
Verse 3:
So I’m trying my best to stay awake
And alert everyone to the danger we face.
But it’s really hard to snap out of it.
I’ll try again later after I’ve watched some TV with a big mac & cheese.
Chorus 3:
They’ve done something to our minds that keeps us in line.
Now that nagging voice of doubt in our heads is virtually dead.

4: Screaming Fucking Bloody Mad!

Verse 1:
I’m a seething ball of rage! I’m screaming fucking bloody mad!
People in power don’t give a shit about anything but wealth.
They don’t care if they destroy the world and leave the scars upon its face
And leave the future a planet a shadow of its former self.
Why can’t they let go of their greed?
Pursuit of wealth makes life miserable for everyone else.
We’ve got to make them see some sense.
You can’t buy a future when you’ve completely fucked the world,
It makes me fucking mad…
Verse 2:
Burn the money in a fire that’ll set the planet free
From the wealthy and corrupt, and their never-ending greed.
I’m a seething ball of rage! I’m screaming fucking bloody mad!
We’re all heading straight to hell ‘cos avarice makes people blind!

5: A New Hope

Verse 1:
We’ve been dragged through hell for the last eight years.
Now we finally see a light in the distance.
We just have to hope and pray
That it’s not the light of a thermonuclear explosion on the way.
The whole world’s waiting for a bright new day.
Hoping a new regime will bring a radical change.
Well I hesitate to use an old cliché,
But the more things change, the more they stay the same.
Verse 2:
We’re told we can hope for change we can believe in,
But empty words can promise you the world.
We just have to hold on tight
To the scepticism we’ve all developed while we’ve languished here in hell.

6: Killbot Factory

Killbots: Staring out of cold dead eyes,
They’ve been dehumanised
To make an army of the night.
Soldiers: Training wipes their minds away.
They do whatever the generals say,
No matter what gets in the way.
Verse 1:
Down at the factory, they’re building killbots to wipe the earth clean,
To make it a safer place to rape for more money.
They try to sugar-coat it and claim that they’re protecting freedom
But all they’re in it for’s the kill.
Verse 2:
They take in the raw materials to turn into killing machines.
They fill their heads with thoughts of blood.
They warp their minds so they’ll see everyone as an enemy,
Shoot first because it’s easier.

7: Tearing Stickers

Verse 1:
Every day on my way to work I find
Stickers on walls and on poles that say “keep Ireland white!”.
They tell me that I should be proud of my heritage,
And exercise Jew diligence in my neighborhood.
So I tear the stickers down,
Anywhere they can be found.
If you spot someone putting them up
Give the fuckers a kick in the gut!
Verse 2:
In a bar I’m alarmed when a large group enters,
All sporting the same hairdo and “white power” tattoos.
They disperse to converse with the young and impressionable
And put up stickers proclaiming the might of the “Celtic Wolves”.
Incidents of racist aggression
Will always rise with a recession.
When there’s a higher chance that you’ll lose your job
You’re far more likely to join a mob.
You’ll start by protesting against the government,
But that’s when they’ll step in, and shift your good intent:
They’ll make you re-focus, they’ll turn your fear to hate.
All of a sudden you’re an anti-immigrant.


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