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EP cover art front

I sort of glossed over this point in my last post, so I figured I should clarify, and add some links…
This EP, that was recorded 3 years ago and that I’ve been half-assedly writing about since then, was finally released on bandcamp last december as a free download (yay!).
At the moment you’ll have to get each “side” separately – each band put their songs on their own bandcamp.
Slugbait (tracks 1-3):
Stanton’s Grave (tracks 4-6):
I would like at some point to get a physical CD made of these, partly so that we have something to give away at shows or whatever, but also because some of the tracks are supposed to run into one another and I’m not sure you get that effect from the online version. I’m not sure if it’ll happen though. I have an inlay card and disc artwork prepared for such an eventuality. I may end up just getting something cheap printed up and burn a load of CD-Rs (diy as fuck, man!).

EP inside pages

For now, hopefully the online versions will keep ye all going…